Motion Preservation Procedures in Memphis

A loss of motion due to neck and back pain can be debilitating. Whether due to normal wear and tear of the vertebrae from aging or because of trauma such as a car accident, seeking relief is important to prevent further loss of mobility and additional suffering.

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Treating Your Mobility Issues

Dr. Crosby is dedicated to helping patients treat issues that affect the spine. Retaining mobility in the spine is an important aspects of treating serious neck and back pain.

The Crosby Clinic can help you with non-surgical options or surgical options. This advanced treatment has given patients that are good candidates for TDR the ability to regain and preserve their motion without having to resort to a fusion. The Crosby Clinic will always evaluate you for motion preservation first before choosing a fusion option.

Let Our Memphis Neurosurgeon Help You

Because of our medical team’s commitment to using the latest technology and helping you with all of your treatment options, The Crosby Clinic gets to know all of our patients and always strive to thoroughly diagnose and present you with the best patient specific plan of care.

Dr. Crosby’s practice is not a part of a huge clinic. While many of his patients originally visiti these large spinal surgeries, they often find that they do not receive the individualized care they needed. Dr. Crosby is truly dedicated to ensuring that all of his patients are well taken care of.

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